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We offer full service bookkeeping solutions in Kelowna, West Kelowna & Peachland for businesses like yours. We are small business specialists that can handle your receipts, sales records, payroll and government filings. No more stress as your books are always up to date, your government remittances are filed, and we can provide you with financial reports and tips you need to grow your business.

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Should I Hire a Bookkeeper

Most business owners prefer to take matters into their own hands in order to save on costs which they think are not needed. They do everything they can by themselves and do not pay anything until they are forced to do so. It is particularly difficult for them to hire someone who will take care of their accounts, financial records and business books.

With simple computer programs, many business owners think that they can keep their books themselves, even when they are pressed with time and think about if they have done everything right. Most business owners are certain that they can learn any skills about how to run their own business.  After all, if they can renovate a house or run a busy day spa, then how hard can bookkeeping be?

In many cases, a close relative is called upon to do the job. You put your wife or mom in charge of the bookkeeping and accounting tasks and go back to your real job. Unless your wife or mother has training in accounting or bookkeeping this might not be the best idea.  They probably have no idea how and when to file your tax forms required by the CRA.  And when those forms aren’t filed on time and accurately, you may be charged heavy fines. Getting off on the wrong foot with the CRA is a bad way to start your new small business.

By starting out on Day One with a professional bookkeeper you can save yourself a lot of headaches and even some CRA fines and penalties. Small business bookkeeping is too important to leave to chance. It requires years of training to know how to correctly do your books.  Don’t delay give us a call and we would be happy to sit down and show you how we can help you have a healthier business.

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